Xikar updates the Pipeline soft flame lighter. Xikar owner Quality Importers has given the Pipeline soft flame lighters a fresh new look. The upgrades include durable plate finishes. And three new colors next to the all-chrome version. The new colors are all black, black and gold, and black and rose.


The Xikar pipeline is quite popular amongst the lovers of soft flame lighters. The retro look makes it a conversation piece. Even though the lighter’s design is specifically for lighting pipes, it works great on cigars as well. The size of the flame is adjustable. The lighter comes with a pipe scraper and a tamper. These necessary tools for every pipe smoker slide into the base of the lighter.

Ministry of Cigars - Xikar updates the Pipeline soft flame lighter
the new XIKAR Pipeline lighters in the new colors

This lighter has several benefits and features why it is popular and will gain even more popularity. From the soft flame, which is the best flame to light a cigar with due to the temperate, to the flint ignition. The lighters are durable plated and have a classic, slim design. An adjustable flame, the fact that it comes with pipe tools, and the Xikar warranty make this a lighter that fits in every cigar and pipe smoker’s collection.

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