Xikar releases new Xi2 cutters. Again in a collaboration with Fanatics Authentic resident artist Charlie Turano III. And no, that is not a typo and should not be Charlie Toraño, the former owner of Toraño cigars.

Nightlife series

The new Xikar Xi2 Nightlife Series is available in four different designs. All designs feature Turano’s trademark thick brushstroke style designs. There are four colors available: Red, blue, green, and orange. For the design, Turano drew inspiration from the flowing lights and dynamic action of big city nightlife. The MSRP of the cutters is $59.59 in the United States. The MSRP in other countries is different due to tax and other costs.

Ministry of Cigars - Xikar releases new Xi2 cutters

It is not the first time that Xikar owner Quality Importers and Turano work together. In the past, there was a collaboration with lighters, cutters, and humidors. That series contains designs based on flags. The Texan flag, Cuban flag, American flag, and French flag. Some of these items are still available on Turano’s website. The One Nation series was a single run. The Xikar Xi2 Nightlife series is a continues production.

Fanatics Authentic

The Miami based Fanatics Authentic is a company that makes artwork and memorabilia for sports teams and events. Turano joined their ranks in 2017 as the resident artist. His originals have been signed by the likes of Peyton Manning, Aaron Judge, Anthony Rizzo, and many more. In addition, over 100 of his paintings have been licensed by the nation’s top professional and college teams.

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