Weekly news week 7 2021. And what a week it was. Plenty of news this week. New cigars, aged cigars, new names for current products, new packaging, cigars returning to the market. But the start of the week was for the month spotlight on a cigar-related charity. This month Ministry of Cigars found inspiration in a podcast from author Nick Hammond. His guest, Scott Vines from Tor Imports, told what his company does to give back to Nicaragua. And so we reached out to Vines, who explains what he does in our article.


The two reviews of this week both come from Nicaragua. The Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Muestra de Saka Unstolen Valor. This cigar is coking from the NACSA factory and Raul Disla is responsible for the blend. The second cigar comes from the Joya de Nicaragua factory. It is the La Sagrada Familia Maduro Robusto. La Sagrada Familia is a brand from the Dutch entrepreneur Tom Mulder.

New Cigars

Let’s start this segment with brand new cigars. Such as the Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc Barberpole. Jas Sum Kral is releasing them in March. Avo is also releasing a brand new cigar, the AVO Improvisations LE21. Gilbert de Montsalvat adds a new vitola to the anniversary line. Tarazona Cigars comes with a second size of the Caraballo 828 Silverback. And Joya de Nicaragua comes with a cigar to commemorate 200 years of independence for Central America. The highly anticipated European exclusive Liga Privada Bauhaus is slated for a March release in The Netherlands. Tatuaje is planning a Fausto version of The Old Man and the C.

There are also cigars returning to the market. Such as the CAO Zócalo. Tatuaje is celebrating the 50th birthday of founder Pete Johnson with a small batch of cigars that have been aging at the factory. And the Tatuaje LLE Capa Especial is returning. Also returning is the Trinidad Robusto Extra. But only in a travel humidor in small quantities. These travel humidors are for duty-free channels. But since those struggle due to the worldwide pandemic, they are now available through regular channels. And Baracoa’s The Voyage is returning. In the same blend, but from a new factory.

Other news

The Belgium cigar manufacturer J. Cortes is changing the name and the packaging for their flavored Neos Exotic. The new name is Exo, and the packaging is more sustainable than the previous. Cortes is also the owner of Oliva Cigars. And the Oliva Series V is now available in beautiful packs of three in the sizes No 4, Double Robusto, and Double Toro. And The Vandermarliere family, owners of Cortes and Oliva, is investing in Brandshopper. Brandshopper is the parent company of Cigarpage. Casdagli Cigars are now available in Belgium. The French cigar magazine L’Amateur de Cigars is now available in English as a digital magazine. Plus the Cigar Smoking World Championship Stay Strong season is over. With a sister of the leaf as the slowest smoker in the finale. This was the weekly news of week 7 2021

 Photo credit header photo Ales Prochazka on Unsplash

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