Weekly news week 49 2019. On Sunday we published the second part of the vibrant cigar scene of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s capital has an abundance of cigar lounges. In two different articles, we wrote about ten of them and we haven’t visited all of them yet. So maybe there will be a part 3 in the coming year. The diplomatic cigar from Joya de Nicaragua, Numero Uno was reviewed just like the Rocky Patel LB1 Robusto.

The News

News also came from Oscar Valladares in the shape of a history lesson. And history was saved in The Netherlands. The 183-year-old tobacconist Van Vreumingen in the beautiful town of Gouda changed hands. After five generations in the same Van Vreumingen family, the shop was sold. The new owner, Marco van der Horst, will upgrade the shop but with respect for the history. And that’s not all from The Netherlands. El Piño Blanco, a Dutch-owned Nicaraguan made cigar brand will be sold on the tropical island of Curacao soon.

It has been a good week for Kafie Cigars. The company announced distribution in the UK with the new British distributor Boutique Smokes from former Habanos sommelier Mike Choi. And the Alex Spencer Reserve Mansa, made by Tabacalera Kafie y Cia, is being distributed to select international markets. Norway isn’t one of them, but the Norwegian cigar aficionados will get a few new Fratello, RoMa Craft and Schuster cigars to smoke.

Ministry of Cigars - Mansa released in select markets

Good news for Belgium and Luxembourg. Abe Flores and Marc d’Argembeau worked together to release the El Coyote in three different sizes for these two countries. They will compete with the new box-pressed tubos from Avo that are being released globally. And then there was the catfight between the German Habanos distributor 5th Avenue and Oettinger Davidoff about unfair blind tastings. In London, Vina Carmen & Boisdale presented their cigar awards. And the Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur paid tribute to Sir David Tang with a Punch Sir David tasting.

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