Weekly news week 30 2020. When you talk about cigars and markets, the biggest market that comes to mind is the USA. With Europe in second place. Asia is an emerging market, that is known too. China is huge for Cuban cigars, but the rest of the Asian markets are opening up to New World Cigars. Africa for some reason is hardly ever mentioned. Patrick Nikiema is an African entrepreneur who’s targeting the African market with Lyon cigars. And we published Episode 21 of The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show. In this episode, the guys pair a Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft with the king of fruits, Durian.

Reviews and events

Ministry of Cigars reviewed two cigars as usual. The Por Larranaga Gran Robusto Exclusivo Paises Bajos. The 2017 Edicion Regional from Habanos for The Netherlands. And the second cigar is the Villa Zamorano Reserva Robusto. A cigar hailing from Honduras. Three events are announced this week. Robert Graham 1874 is hosting another online pairing. Again with Drew Estate, but now paired with The Balvenie. Cigar Smoking World Championship comes to Kuala Lumpur after all. And Cigar Club Termoli La Escepción is hosting a weekend full vintage Cuban cigars.

Ministry of Cigars - Por Larranaga Gran Robusto Exclusive Países Bajos 2017

New Releases

My Father Cigars revealed the packaging, sizes, and blend of the new Nicaraguan Fonseca. It’s the first My Father Cigars Fonseca since they acquired the brand from the Quesada family. The final 2019 Edicion Limitada from Habanos will be released next month. The Ramon Allones No.2 will debut in the United Kingdom. There is another new cigar for the United Kingdom. That’s the Plasencia Orchant Seleccion, limited to 375 boxes of 8 cigars. Exclusively available at C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus Tobacconists. The Davidoff Exclusive cigars for Italy and Beirut are released. Both editions limited to 300 boxes. Finally EPIC is commemorating its 10th anniversary with the EPIC TEN. The first Nicaraguan cigar for the brand.

Ministry of Cigars - weekly news week 30

Other news

This week we received sad news. Peter Rohner from Wellauer passed away last month. Some brands from the J.C. Newman portfolio are now available in Singapore. Cuesta Rey, Julius Ceaser, and some Diamond Crown cigars can be found. Crux Cigars is adding a Gordo to its most popular line. Fratello is now available in Brazil. But the best news came from Honduras. Even though the country is scaling up to another phase zero, cigar factories are exempted from the coming lockdown.

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