Weekly news week 28 2021. The week of the PCA Convention & Trade Show. We would have loved to be there, but a combination of time, distance, travel restrictions, quarantine, and prior engagements made it impossible to visit. Many of the other cigar news outlets did an awesome job covering the PCA show, much better than the one or two-man army Ministry of Cigars could have done. So we continue with our regular schedule. And on the regular schedule, the second Sunday of the month is always about cigar charities. In this case, about J. Cortes and the Vandermarliere Cigar Family riding bicycles to raise money for the Felix 500 charity.


Normally Ministry of Cigar publishes two reviews a week. But this week we did three. The Monday review was about the El Viejo Continente Classic Maximus, a Nicaraguan cigar from Daniel Guerrero. The Friday review is a test, the Fonseca Delicias. A friend of Ministry of Cigars says that the Fonseca Delicias actually gains strength while aging, so we are putting that to the test. Monday we publish another Fonseca Delicias review with another age. But the additional review on Wednesday was a special one. It was a project that we, in a previous life, were involved in. The My Father Ilja VIII A. The cigar is to commemorate Ilja van Horssen, and the review was published exactly 15 years after his death.

New cigars and other news

The Plasencia family is growing tobacco for over 150 years. In fact, the 2014 harvest was the 149th harvest in the family’s history. The history starts in Cuba, but now the Plasencia family grows tobacco all over the Caribbean, except for Cuba. Some of the tobacco of the 2014 crop is now used for the new Plasencia Cosecha 149. It wasn’t the only Plasencia news this week, as the Plasencia Family is also sponsoring a brand new medical clinic for its workers and families in Jalapa. 5th Avenue, the exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in Germany, Austria, and Poland had official visitors from Cuba last week.

Diadema SPA, the exclusive distributor for Habanos in Italy released a special humidor with aged La Escepción Don Jose cigars. Rocky Patel fans in India will soon get the Rocky Patel Sixty, White Label, and Disciple. Aging Room is releasing a small batch under the name Aging Room Rare Collection. Oliva Cigars is expanding the functionality of its QR codes. Fans of big and strong cigars in The Netherlands can enjoy the Asylum Pandemonium. And registration for ProCigar 2022 is open.


Last week, Ministry of Cigars published an article about the massive shortages of Cuban cigars worldwide. Some retailers even claiming that if they order 100 boxes, they are lucky to get 5. And now there is civil unrest, threatening Habanos. All over Cuba, brave Cubans are protesting the government. They demand freedom, food, electricity, covid vaccines, but most of all, they demand the end of the communist rule. Even though they know that protests like this are met with a lot of violence, they are so desperate, they are taking the risk to be killed. We can only voice our support from afar, but Ministry of Cigars wishes that the Cuban people will be free soon, without bloodshed. #soscuba #PatriaYvida. This was the Weekly news of week 28, 2021.

Ministry of Cigars - weekly news week 28

Photo credit header photo Ales Prochazka on Unsplash

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