Weekly news week 13 2021. When you think of tobacco fields, you automatically think of Latin America. We all know the pictures of seas of green tobacco plants growing in Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. But it’s not all, there are tobacco plantations in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, and Mexico. In the United States, all the way from Florida to Connecticut. In Asia, mainly in Indonesia (Sumatra), and The Philippines. But also in Africa, in Cameroon where the Meerapfel family is growing some of the most prized and best Cameroon wrapper that money can buy. That tobacco is so special, it deserved a special.


The two reviews of this week could not be more different. A classic brand from Cuba versus a loud, hip brand from Nicaragua that teams up with a hip-hop music label. The Romeo y Julieta Tacos versus the Drew Estate Undercrown Shady XX. That last cigar is a collaboration with Shady Records, the record label of superstar Eminem. This cigar is the party cigar for 20 years Shady Records.

New cigars

A lot of news from Cuba this week. With two new cigars, the release of a regional edition, and more details about an upcoming regional edition. The first new cigar is the Por Larranaga Galanes. This short robusto is the 4th regular production vitola for the brand. Flor de Cano gets a second regular production cigar with the Elegidos. This 5×50 robusto is handmade but with short filler tobacco. The Italian Habanos distributor confirms the Ramon Allones Noellas exclusivo Italia. And Pacific Cigar Company is releasing the San Cristobal de la Habana Harimau Malaya. This is the first-ever exclusivo Malaysia and it will launch next week.

Ministry of Cigars - Habanos releasing Harimau Malaya

There are also new cigars from the New World. The German luxury brand is finally releasing its three 2020 Edicion Limitada cigars. These are the Gaudi, Gaudini, and The Willy. The HENK Maori Gaudi scored high in the Ministry of Cigars top 25 of 2020. Maya Selva is releasing the Cumpay Maduro Robusto as part of the Puro Nicaragua series. Asylum Cigars is teaming up with reality tv star BigTime Tommie Romola for the Asylum 13 BigTime Tommie.

Other news

A new month means a new birthday calendar. But something we can scratch off the calendar is Procigar 2021. There are new collaborations. The Vandermarliere family of J. Cortes and Oliva amongst others are teaming up with Asia Marketing Service. DAV Cigars is teaming up with Fazco for distribution in the Middle East. The last collaboration of this week is between Stogie Road Cigars and Nueva Nica, a factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The best news of the week is however the opening of a new tobacco specialist store in Groningen, The Netherlands. This was the weekly news of week 13, 2021. But if you want to read more, the second English edition of L’Amateur de Cigare is available online.

Ministry of Cigars - Van Dalen Cigars Groningen

Photo credit header photo Ales Prochazka on Unsplash

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