We need feedback for Ministry of Cigars. The website has been online for a year and we reached a bigger audience than we expected for the first year. Which is awesome. So now it’s time to reach out to you guys and girls for feedback. We need your opinions to make us better.

Feedback from the industry

In the last few weeks, traveling in Europe and meeting great people from the cigar industry, we have gotten some feedback. Some useful that we immediately agreed upon. And we immediately changed the way we do things. Other feedback we need to let sink in first before we decide what to do with it. And some things we can’t change quickly or even discard as we don’t share the same vision. But even that feedback is valuable.

But that is feedback from within the industry. To make a better website, we also need feedback from you, our readers. What do we do good, but mostly, where do we have room for improvement? Let us know, so we can grow. In content, in skills, in quality and eventually also in numbers.

So let us know, either in the comments here on the website. Or on our Facebook page, YouTube page, Instagram or mail us at info@ministryofcigars.com 

Constructive feedback is always good, just a message “it’s awesome” is a nice gesture and compliments are always nice to receive. But constructive feedback is always better. On the other hand, a message “it’s shit, you suck” doesn’t help at all. Tell us why we suck, or why an article sucks so we can either explain why we write certain things and improve. Improve our writing skills so our message comes across cleared. Improve our choice of words. Improve the tone of voice. So in your feedback, try to be constructive. That way, we can improve and make the site even better for you, our readers.

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