Villa Zamorano Cigar Can is coming to Asia. At the beginning of this year, Maya Selva Cigars brought a Villa Zamorano sampler to the market. And not just a sampler, but a sampler is possibly the coolest packaging ever. The packaging sets the sampler apart from all others. It is designed to look like a beer can. That explains the name ‘Villa Zamorano Cigar Can’. The Villa Zamorano Cigar Can is available in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. But it’s coming to Asia soon through distributing partner Cigraal.

The packaging

The cigar can contains five Villa Zamorano Reserva cigars. The design makes it perfect to use as a travel humidor in the car, as it fits into standard-size cup holders. The lid doubles as an ashtray, making the design not only aesthetically pleasing but useful as well. This sampler should be a contender for Halfwheel’s packaging award of 2020.

The sampler contains five different sizes of the Villa Zamorano Reserva line. The Villa Zamorano won the award for best value cigar from Honduras during the 2019 Cigar Trophy Awards by Cigar Journal. The sizes in the sampler are the 3½x52 Expresso, 5×50 Robusto, and the 5½x54 No.15 Torpedo. For the lovers of the thicker ring gauges, the 5×56 El Gordo and 6×60 Soberano are also included.

Ministry of Cigars - Villa Zamorano Cigar Can is coming to Asia

Villa Zamorano

Villa Zamorano is the budget-friendly line from Maya Selva. The regular Villa Zamorano line is a bundle cigar. But the Villa Zamorano Reserva comes in boxes but is still budget-friendly. The cigars are entirely from Honduran tobacco. That makes it a Honduran puro. The production takes place in Selva’s own factory, just like the Cumpay cigars from Maya Selva. For the production of Flor de Selva, Maya works with the Plasencia family. Villa Zamorano is the third brand under the Maya Selva umbrella after Flor de Selva (1995), Cumpay (1999). The brand is available since 2002.

Ministry of Cigars - Villa Zamorano Cigar Can is coming to Asia

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