VegaFina introduces Fortaleza 2 Andullo. With this limited edition, VegaFina honors the Dominican tobacco identity. The handmade premium cigars use tobacco that has been fermented using one of the oldest fermentation methods in the Caribbean.


This method of fermenting tobacco leaves are formed into a roll in dry yagua leaves, called the andullo. Those are then tied with linen ropes. That way, the tobacco leaves achieve optimal fermentation. The process is similar to the tambolaka method in Indonesia. And the carottes method that CAO uses for the Amazon Basin.

After fermentation, the tobacco goes into aging. It’s there where the tobacco gets it’s sweet nuances and complexity. The VegaFina Fortaleza 2 Andullo is a mild to medium strength cigar with notes of nuts and subtle sweetness according to the press release by Villiger, the German distributor for VegaFina.

The VegaFina Fortaleza 2 Andullo is presented in a box of 10. Images on the box explain the fermentation process that has the same name as the cigar. The cigar measures 5⅓x54, a size that is not in the standard portfolio of VegaFina. For the binder and fillers, Dominican tobacco is used. The wrapper comes from Ecuador. The cigars will be available worldwide, in limited quantities. Only 600 boxes are available for Germany.

Ministry of Cigars - VegaFina introduces Fortaleza 2 Andullo

Dominican exclusivo

At the same time, VegaFina releases another limited edition. Also with tobacco fermented with the Andullo process. This is exclusive for the Dominican Republic. It is a tribute to the inhabitants of La Romana. La Romana is the town where Tabacalera de Garcia is located. VegaFina is rolled at Tabacalera de Garcia. The cigars are made with an Ecuadorian wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder. The filler contains tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

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