VegaFina and Great Wall create Fusion Edition. This is the first collaboration between VegaFina and Great Wall. Great Wall is the premium Chinese cigar brand that is leading in the domestic market. VegaFina is a Dominican cigar with roots in Spain. Tabacalera, the former Spanish tobacco monopoly, created the brand in 1998.

Fusion Edition

The cigar is a limited edition. It comes in a 6×52 Pyramid shape. Great Wall is responsible for rolling the cigars at the Great Wall Cigar Factory in Shifang, China. The tobaccos are of different origins. According to the press release, the cigar has a gentle aroma. The flavor notes include cedar, herbs, spices, and a creamy flavor with hints of dried fruit, cinnamon, and black tea. The binder and wrapper are Dominican. The filler is a mixture of Brazilian, Indonesian, and Dominican tobaccos.

Ministry of Cigars - VegaFina and Great Wall create Fusion Edition

The cigars come in elegant white matte lacquer boxes with logos of both brands, Great Wall and VegaFina. The artwork also includes striking visual elements of traditional Chinese culture such as a dragon and the Great Wall of China. Each box contains 10 cigars. Each cigar has a special ring that matches the design of the box.

Ministry of Cigars - VegaFina and Great Wall create Fusion Edition

Future collaborations

The Fusion Edition is the first of many initiatives of the solid partnership between the owners of VegaFina and Great Wall. Tabacalera is a world leader in the premium cigar market and China Tobacco Sichuan Industrial Corporation is amongst the largest tobacco manufacturers in China. Antonio Calabria, International Marketing and Business Development Manager of Tabacalera, says in a press release that “with this project, all the essence and the premium character of both brands are merged into a single product, Fusion Edition, intended to be attractive both for the international consumer as well as for the Chinese one”.

The cigars are released in Spain first, with a launch date in early 2021 for China. There is a possibility for distribution to other markets as well after the Chinese launch.

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