Van Dalen Cigars opens the 6th store in The Netherlands. Or the 7th if you include Cigaragua which is part of the same family. With more and more tobacconists closing their doors in The Netherlands, it is good to see that Van Dalen Cigars is building an empire and opening new stores. This year a new location in Amsterdam opened its doors. And early 2021, Van Dalen Groningen will open its doors. 


But that’s not the end of the expansion of Van Dalen Cigars. Van Dalen Cigars owner Sasja Van Horssen and Tom Winkelman from Sigarenmagazijn Eygelshoven combine their forces for a brand new Van Dalen Cigars retail store in Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in the country.

Maastricht is home to several tobacconists, including the more than 100-year-old Otten and a La Casa del Habano. But 3rd generation tobacconist Wum Otten is past retirement age and has no successors. Davidoff closed its Maastricht location two years ago, as well as Schuurman Tobacconist. So there is a huge opportunity in the city. Maastricht attracts many tourists, from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and other parts of the world. With more than 500 monuments, cozy shopping streets, plenty of bars, and high-quality restaurants it is a great place for a good tobacconist.

No lounge

Just like the new locations in Amsterdam and Groningen, Van Dalen Cigars Maastricht won’t have a cigar lounge. It is expected that those lounges are going to be prohibited in the very near future. Making an investment in a lounge now, only to have to close the lounge in a few months or a year isn’t a wise business decision. 

Winkelman and Van Horssen found a great location. The keys are in their hands on March 1st. The shop, close to Maastricht railway station and La Casa del Habano Maastricht will undergo a serious update before the doors open. The humidor will be filled with the best cigars from Nicaragua, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Honduras. But there’s also a good selection of machine-made cigars available at the new shop.

The exact size of the shop, as well as the opening hours and address will be updated as soon as Ministry of Cigars receives that information. It’s unclear whether Van Dalen Cigars Maastricht is a franchise or a joint venture between Van Horssen and Winkelman.

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