Van Dalen Cigars Groningen opens. Today the brand new Van Dalen Cigars tobacco store in the city of Groningen opens its doors for a soft opening. The largest city in the Northern part of The Netherlands didn’t have a specialized tobacco store since Davidoff closed its store there a few years ago. And even the Davidoff store, Homan Sigaren, didn’t have a humidor as large as the new Van Dalen Cigars store.

Ministry of Cigars - Van Dalen Cigars Groningen

true tobacconist

Due to Dutch tobacco laws, tobacco needs to be covered. In supermarkets or convenience stores, tobacco is hidden behind doors. But specialized stores such as 100% tobacconists get away with covering the windows. Van Dalen Cigars Groningen did something spectacular. Due to the high windows, it was possible to mimic a tobacco barn.

Ministry of Cigars - Van Dalen Cigars Groningen opens

Van Dalen Cigars Groningen will only sell premium handmade longfillers, short fillers, pipe tobacco, cigarettes, and accessories. There will be no hookah, and also no newspapers or lottery tickets. This is a 100% specialized shop.

Walk-in humidor

Van Dalen Cigars Groningen is the fifth Van Dalen Cigars store, with another one opening within two months. But it’s the first under a franchise concept. Being part of a larger group is a welcome bonus for owner Rinse van Gans. Van Dalen Cigars always stores some hard-to-find cigars in the warehouse for when they open another store. So there will be some rare cigars available in the first few days. Rare cigars from both Nicaragua and Cuba.

Ministry of Cigars - Rinse van Gans
owner Rinse van Gans in the humidor

The store is located on the Waagstraat and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Unfortunately, there is no lounge, but as soon as the lockdown is over there are plenty of terraces near the shop where you can sit, smoke, and have a nice beverage. And if you’re hungry, the brother-in-law of Van Gans owns the best hamburger bar in town, Wereldburgers, just a few minutes away.

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