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Rocky Patel and Flor de Caña pairing at Turmeaus Liverpool

Cigarjournal's #1 cigar of the year, the Rocky Patel Grand Reserve, with a Nicaraguan Flor de Caña rum pairing. Now that's a pairing we would love to visit, unfortunately, we are far from Liverpool. But if you're lucky enough to be in town on the 19th, get your...

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Bourbon and cigar pairing in Liverpool

Are you in or around Liverpool on the 12th of February? And have you always wanted to pair Elijah Craig bourbon with Bella Munde and Traveler cigars, then head to Turmeaus Late Hour Cigar Shop & Sampling Lounge. Tickets for sale here.  

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Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

In a few years time, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has received a reputation and a status in the industry like hardly any other event. Twenty qualifying events before the grand finale, all over Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and even during the Procigar...

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Jas Sum Kral heading to the U.K.

The British market will get a lot of new cigars. Condega has just been releases. Plasencia has been released recently. At the end of the first quarter the British cigar smokers can expect Cigare 77 and Cornelius & Anthony. And we can add Jas Sum Kral to that list....

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Condega landed in the United Kingdom

Early October we broke the news that Condega would be introduced to the United Kingdom and that Tor Imports would be the distributor. And now the Nicaraguan cigars have arrived on British soil. Condega is one of the brands from the Spanish company Gesinta, and the...

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New Years Eve party at Puffin’ Rooms Liverpool

Liverpools Puffin' Rooms will host a luxurious party on New Years Eve for a select number of cigar aficionados. The party includes champagne at midnight, an array of world class canapés, party favours and live music by Barney Goodall and Sue Kirby-Clarke Tickets are...

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Bourbon and Nicaraguan cigars pairing

Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest cigar factory from Nicaragua and A.J. Fernandez has been the rising star and golden boy for a few years now. You can pair a Joya de Nicaragua Rosalones and an A.J. Fernandez New World with Mitcher's Bourbon at the Turmeaus Late Hour...

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Alec Bradley Fine & Rare available in the UK

Late October Alec Bradley released the 2018 edition of their yearly limited edition Fine & Rare. The cigars, only 2500 boxes available worldwide, will be available in the United Kingdom later this week. Only two rollers, Juan Artica, and Wilmar Jose Valerio are...

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Boisdale Cigar Awards winners

Recently we published an article about the Boisdale Cigar Smoker Award Dinner, and now we have a list of the winners. For the Davidoff Cigar Terrace or lounge of the year 2018, seven lounges were nominated. The nominees were CASC Bar and Cigar Shop in Aberdeen, Dukes...

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Robert Ibarra (Don Ibarra)
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