Undercrown Sun Grown Dogma. This is a special release from Drew Estate for the online cigar community Cigar Dojo. And it’s not the first time that Drew Estate releases a cigar for Cigar Dojo. They aren’t the only company that does so. But the difference is that all others are small batches. Drew Estate did release the original Undercrown Maduro Dojo as a small batch. But for a few years, it is a regular production cigar. And last year a new regular production for Cigar Dojo came on the market. The Undercrown Sun Grown Dogma.

For the Undercrown Sun Grown Dogma, Drew Estate reaches for the same blend as the other Undercrown Sun Grown cigars. But in a 5×54 Robusto Extra format. That means that this cigar comes with Nicaraguan filler and a binder from the United States. A Connecticut-grown Habano binder to be precise. The wrapper is Sumatra but from Ecuador, not from Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Name: Undercrown Sun Grown Dogma
Country: Nicaragua
Factory: Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
Size: 5×54
Vitola: Robusto Extra
Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)
Binder: U.S.A. (Habano Connecticut)
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $10.20
Cutter: Palio
Lighter: Alec Bradley Mega Burner
Smoke conditions: Indoors with ventilator
Smoke time: two hours thirty minutes
Sponsored by Drew Estate

The review

The wrapper is light brown with a few bumps. It is not too oily and it looks like it has a single cap instead of the Cuban-style triple cap. The red and gold ring is beautiful though. The lion with the crown and the secondary band with the DOGMA name. The foot is protected with another small ring in the same color scheme. The construction feels alright. The cigar has a surprising aroma that includes milk chocolate.

The cold draw is quite loose with a hay flavor. But after lighting, the cigar tastes like coffee, mud, with a little acidity. But there is also a toasted cashew flavor, spice, and sweetness. The flavors turn to a tardy nuttiness with a hint of vanilla. Mildly creamy, but with a little roughness at the back of the throat. The nuttiness remains noticeable during the remainder of the first third with a muddy and slightly citrus flavor.

The second third still has that nuttiness, but now with leather. There is still a bit of a bite in the back of the throat. There is a bit more sweetness. And pepper shows up as well, but it is not overwhelming. The final third has leather, mud, coffee, nuts, pepper, and spice. The pepper picks up, with some sweetness. The nutty flavor becomes stronger as well.

The draw is a bit on the loose side. But the smoke makes up for it in a way only Drew Estate cigars can. The ash is white, snow-white. The burn is okay, but not razor-sharp. The cigar is medium to full in both body and strength. The smoke time is two and a half hours.

Strength: Medium-full
Flavor: Medium-full

Ministry of Cigars - Undercrown Sun Grown Dogma

diagram courtesy of cigarprofiler

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