Trinidad travel humidors now available through regular channels. Late last year, Habanos, introduced a limited release of the Trinidad Robusto Extra in a brown suede-like travel humidor. That was during the Virtual Travel Retail Expo. That release was exclusively for the duty-free and retail channels. Those channels are not able to move any product due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So Habanos is changing the strategy. The travel humidors are now available through the regular Habanos channels.

Ministry of Cigars - Trinidad travel humidors now available through regular channels

Trinidad Robusto Extra

The Trinidad Robusto Extra is a well-known cigar. But Habanos made the call to discontinue the 6⅛x50 toro size in 2012. Last year, they brought them back just for the travel humidor. Each travel humidor contains 14 of these iconic cigars. And all have an extra foot band so they can be easily recognized as new production cigars and not vintage stock. 

The travel humidors with the Trinidad Robusto Extra are spotted in several markets. Pacific Cigar Company, the distributor for most of Asia plus Australia, and New Zealand says the cigars are available in domestic specials tobacconists in the region, as well as the duty-free retails in airports. Phoenicia, the Habanos for more than 40 countries in Africa and the Middle East is distributing the travel humidors all over its territory as well. And the cigars are seen at Mexican La Casa del Habano locations as well.

European markets

Swiss La Casa del Habano stores have them, with Habanos Specialist shops getting the opportunity to stock them in the next few days. On the other hand, the United Kingdom is still waiting for its shipment. Although it is confirmed that the cigars are coming to Hunters & Frankau, the UK Habanos distributor. The French distributor, Coprova, is sticking to the original plan as a duty-free exclusive for now but left the option for widespread distribution open.

What 5th Avenue will do for Germany remains to be seen. Recently the German government put a ban on the combined sale of humidors and/or jars with cigars. 5th Avenue could decide to offer the cigars for an x about and then allow the buyer to purchase the humidor for a small amount as well. Or they could decide to pass on the deal, as it is a hassle for both the distributor and the retailer. More on that new rule here.

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