On January 27th, Cuba, and mainly the capital Havana was hit by a level EF 4 tornado. That means wind speeds up to 300km/h. Yesterday we received an email with an update and a Tornado and Local Storm of great intensity
Situation Report by the UN.

At least 4 people died, 195 injured, 11 health institutions, 46 schools, and over 1200 housing units were damaged by the tornado. The tornado lasted just 15 minutes and left more than 200.000 people without electricity.

Now Ministry of Cigars is a cigar website, so we can’t publish an update without looking at the Pinar del Rio region. And according to the report, the municipalities of San Juan and San Luis were affected by the storm that followed the tornado. And that means bad news for the tobacco plantations. How damaging exactly the tornado and storm have been, has yet to be determined.