Three new Patoro cigars. The Swiss Dominican cigar company has announced that there will be three new cigars this summer. All are extensions of existing Patoro lines.

Patoro VA XO

This is the most expensive and elusive release of the three new cigars. The Patoro VA XO stands for Very Aged Extra Old. This Dominican Puro is made with tobacco aged between 9 to 12 years. And the tobacco is grown from seeds that the father of Leo Reyes brought from Cuba. If you wonder what Reyes has to do with Patoro, it’s simple. Patoro is produced at the De Los Reyes factory in the Dominican Republic. And it uses tobacco grown by the Reyes family. The new size is a 6×55 Belicoso under the name Patoro CA XO Extra Belicoso. 

Ministry of Cigars - Three new Patoro cigars

Patoro Vintage and Platino

The next new cigar is a 5⅛x48 Patoro Vintage Perfecto. The cigar deserves the ‘vintage’ label, as this Dominican puro has an aged wrapper. The wrapper on this blend is ten years old. The last new cigar is also a Perfecto. But larger, with 6 3/10×50. The Patoro Platino line was created in 2003, to satisfy the cigar aficionados that asked for a stronger Patoro blend. The blend contains between 60 to 70 percent Piloto tobacco, all aged for a minimum of five years.

Patoro Cigars are available in the United States, several European and Middle Eastern countries. Limited numbers of cigars are produced, as the company focusses on quality, not quantity. Patoro has been producing cigars since 2001. The company was founded by Patrick J. Martin. Martin had worked for Oettinger Davidoff Group for 13 years before he founded Patoro. He was the Avo and Griffin’s Product Manager & Brand Ambassador for Switzerland

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