The Philip & Ferdi Cigar Show Episode Twenty One. And this episode is a challenge, a pairing that could go either way. It could be a disaster or a homerun. The guys are pairing a cigar with durian. A fruit known as the king of fruits in South East Asia. But it’s also an acquired taste and very pungent. When you encounter this fruit for the first time, the smell is what gets you first. It’s so smelly that the fruit is not allowed to be carried in public transport nor in most hotels.

The guys called Fouad Kashouty from Hiram & Solomon. Hiram & Solomon sponsored the cigars for this episode. From all the Hiram & Solomon cigars, we selected the Fellow Craft. The tasting notes lined up best with the flavors from a good quality musang king durian. We put the cigar and the durian to the test. Watch the episode to see if it worked out

Episode Twenty One

As mentioned, the guys smoked a Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft for the The Philip & Ferdi Cigar Show Episode Twenty One. The tasting notes of dark chocolate and dried fruits could go well with durian. But the proof is in the pudding. Not only did the boys match the cigar with just durian, but also with traditional durian icecream from Spikes of Love. The ice cream is sponsored by our friends from whiskyhaven. Gautam Kapur aka Lord GK from whiskyhaven is a guest of the Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show down the road. He will drop some whisky knowledge and will share some amazing whisky with the crew. But now it’s time to watch the Cigars & Durian Challenge.

The team 

The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show is aired on the Ministry of Cigars Facebook page every other Friday at 3 PM SGT, or UTC +8. But the videos are available to see after that as well. The show is hosted by Philip Phajan and Ferdinand Piet. Production is done by Iz Rush. Guest appear of the Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show regularly, either in person or on Zoom.

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