The first Casdagli Cigars Specialist Award. Jeremy Casdagli awarded Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk in Horten, Norway with this special title. Horton is a town just outside the country’s capital Oslo.

The award

The award is a handmade sign of engraved wood and leather. Jeremy Casdagli adorned it with a personal inscription. Out of over 200 retailers that carry Casdagli Cigars globally, only four others will receive this Casdagli Cigars Specialis Award soon. But it’s an ongoing project, other cigar retailers can earn the award for promoting Casdagli Cigars as well.

To earn the award, a retail outlet needs to show steadfast and continuous support to the Casdagli brand. They also need to carry at least 50% of the Casdagli portfolio. And a wide variety of the Villa Casdagli line of luxury cigar and lifestyle accessories. Once a shop qualifies, other secret parameters come into play. 


“The award is meant to celebrate the brick and mortar shops who make a great success out of thoroughly learning to know the products they sell and the customers they serve. Lars-Petter Arnesen has expressed great enthusiasm and support towards our brands. It’s a delight to award the first Casdagli Cigars Specialist title to him,” says Jeremy Casdagli. 

Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk is a family business for three generations located just outside of the capital Oslo. It is now run by Lars-Petter who recently increased its selection of premium cigars and Casdagli Cigars in particular. In addition to being able to enjoy a Casdagli cigar on Lars-Petter’s terrace, one can pair it with a Villa Casdagli Guatemalan coffee. In fact, almost the entire selection of the Villa Casdagli Collection apparel and cigar accessories are available at Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk. 

“I’m honored and thrilled to receive the award. Increasing the assortment of cigars and related accessories in our product portfolio has proven to be a successful business decision enabling us to increase the turnover considerably also during crippling Covid conditions. Casdagli premium cigars are a big hit among our cigar-smoking customers ” says Lars-Petter Arnesen, the Owner, and Manager of Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk. 

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