Tatuaje is releasing aged cigars. To celebrate the 50th birthday of Tatuaje founder Pete Johnson, the company is releasing a small batch of cigars that have been aging in Miami for a while. Johnson turned 50 on 7th December of 2020. The cigars come from the My Father factory in Miami. My Father Cigars employs a small number of rollers in Miami, besides having two factories in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The cigar that Johnson set aside for his 50th birthday are the Tatuaje Noellas, Regios, and Reserva J21 from the Tatuaje Seleccion de Cazador line. The blend is exactly the same as the regular production. The only difference is the packaging and the age. Where the regular production comes in boxes of 25, these come in boxes of 50. 

Johnson says on Instagram that “They are normal Noellas, Regios and J21’s from our production in Miami. The branding and bands are the same as the 25 count boxes. The difference is that the cigars come from older production and the cigars are packed in foil paper inside the cabinet of 50. Only 100 cabinets of each were made to celebrate my 50th birthday and they will not be made again.”

Artwork for limited editions

This is not the only change in packaging that Tatuaje has. The company is changing the artwork for its limited-edition cigars. The new band design gets its colors from the design in the center of the Nicaraguan flag. It should help to set these Tatuaje’s limited editions apart from the ones with the Mexican San Andres wrappers. Currently, both releases carry the same artwork on the bands. 

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