Tatuaje comes with two fresh pack samplers. Two to be precise. And both come with a selection of Tatuaje and L’Atelier blends in a 6×50 Toro size. Each sampler will contain 5 cigars. And for nine of the ten blends, the toro is a new vitola, not a regular production size.

Medium and strong

The first of the two fresh pack samples is the medium sampler. This sampler contains the Tatuaje Havana VI blend in a 6×50 Toro. As well as the Tatuaje Negociant, Tatuaje Nuevitas Estelí, Cabaiguan Guapos and L’Atelier Selection Speciale.

The strong fresh pack sampler contains the Tatuaje Selección de Cazador, Tatuaje Verocú, Tatuaje Fausto, La Mission L’Atelier, and Surrogates Bone Crusher. The Tatuaje Fausto is the only blend which has a 6×50 Toro the regular production series. All ten blends hail from the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua

Release date

The new samplers are expected to be introduced at the PCA Convention and trade show. The show is scheduled for mid-July. In a reaction to Ministry of Cigars Johnson says that for now, the fresh packs are only coming to the American market with a possible release Internationally later. “I hope they will eventually be offered overseas. For now, I’m testing the US market,” Johnson says.

Johnson is currently at the factory in Esteli. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Johnson could not visit Nicaragua for close to a year. Now that he is in Nicaragua, he can put the finishing touches on several projects he’s been working on. Last week Johnson made several announcements such as the Fausto Old man and the C, Tatuaje LLE Capa Especial. Plus aged cigars to celebrate his 50th birthday.

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