Tatuaje adds new sizes to Black Label. The Tatuaje Black Label Private Reserva line sees the return of the 6×50 Toro, a cigar that previously was a limited edition. The size was used in 2009 a Cigar Rights of America sampler. The other size is new, it’s a 5 ⅜ x48 Britanicas Extra. Both sizes are limited to 500 boxes.

Blend and line

The Tatuaje Black Label Private Reserve is a line of Nicaraguan Puros. The wrappers are Sun Grown Criollo from Esteli. It debuted in 2007. Some vitolas are regular production, but the majority of the Tatuaje Black Label Private release consists of sizes that are limited edition or small batch. Earlier this year, Tatuaje released a petit corona as a regular production size.

The line is known for the small black rings. Initially, Johnson aimed for the cigars to be naked. But with the risk of dishonest retailers or traders filling the boxes with naked cigars with other blends, he changed his mind. Instead, he went for a small ring, black with white letters. Later on, the ring received an update. It now looks more like the Cuban limited edition lines but in black and silver.

Ministry of Cigars - Tatuaje adds new sizes to Black Label

Britanicas Extra

The first time this vitola popped up is the year 2011. As a Bolivar Edicion Regional for the British market. But instead os a 46 ring, as the original Britanicas size, it turned out to be a 48. The size is used a limited amount of times since. In different brands, in different regions. Mostly Europe, but Asia Pacific Habanos distributor Pacific Cigar Company used it in 2016 for a regional edition as well.

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