Stogie Roads and Tabacalera Kafie part ways. Kerr Viajante, owner and founder of Stogie Roads Cigars has decided to move manufacturing away from Tabacalera Kafie. Since the inception of Stogie Roads Cigars, all releases came from the Honduran factory of Dr. Gaby Kafie and his partners. Where the production is moving to is yet unclear. Stogie Roads Cigars is currently in discussions with several factories in preparation for the 2021 production.


“Even though 2020 came with many challenges, it also produced several growth opportunities for us. We successfully launched the Sweet Grass Gringo in the spring of 2020 amidst a Country shutdown,” says Viajante in a press release. “The Edición XXXV and Sweet Grass Gringo™ grew throughout the summer and fall of 2020. We are releasing a short run of 2 new blends in late January 2021. The Big Tony; San Andres/Maduro barber-pole, and SanDela; San Andres/Candela barber-pole.”

Ministry of Cigars - Stogie Roads and Tabacalera Kafie part ways

I’d like to thank Gaby and the Kafie family. Gaby has been more than a mentor to me. I’d like to thank all of the individuals at the factory in Honduras for the past 2 years,” he continues.

Social media & podcast

Viajante will continue to support and fight for small family-owned boutique brands. Stogie Roads is a weekly Facebook show for the past 5 years. The show airs every Thursday night at 7:30 pm est on the Viajante’s Stogie Road Facebook page.

Viajante and Kafie also host a podcast for the Boutique Cigar Association together with Armen Caprielian. Ministry of Cigars reached out to Viajante to ask about the future of the show. The reply was swift. “The decision to part ways was mutual. I have nothing but love and wish Gaby and the team in Honduras great fortune. Protecting the Legacy will continue with Armen and Gaby. I will continue with my Facebook show on Thursday nights,” Viajante wrote.

Tabacalera Kafie

Ministry of Cigars reached out to Dr. Gaby Kafie for a response. He wrote “Kerry Horney is a man I consider a great human being and friend. It was a pleasure to work with him in developing the Stogie Road Cigars line, including each and every blend. What makes him truly special is his palate. He knows and understands good quality tobacco better than anyone I have ever met. I feel confident that his company and brand will thrive no matter where he decides to produce cigars. Today, tomorrow, or even years from now our factory always welcomes him and his Stogie Road adventures. I wish him nothing but the best.”

Dr Gaby Kafie continues “As you know recently I stepped down as head of the BCA, as I felt our goals were accomplished. Boutique cigar brand owners now have the luxury to not worry about Federal regulations in the U.S.. Kerry was instrumental in this fight and he will always be remembered as the Vice President of our association. Our cumulative efforts, along with Armen Caprielian (Treasurer) and the support of PCA and CRA had a positive impact on our industry. Til next time, much love to all. 

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