Stinky Ashtrays offers new colors. Three of the Stinky ashtray lines are getting new colors. The Original Stinky, the Stinky Personal, and the Stinky Car Ashtray are available in new finishes. Quality Importers, the distributor for Stinky, did not respond to questions if other Stinky products are updated with new color options too.

The new colors

The original Stinky Ashtray is an 8-inch model with four stirrups. The Original Stinky is available in stainless steel, copper plating, and several colors. But now also in black nickel plating. And in the matte colors black, blue, brown, and red.

Ministry of Cigars - Stinky Ashtrays offers new colors

The same new colors are available for the baby of the Stinky family. The 5 inch Stinky Personal ashtray. Black, Blue, Brown, and Red, all in a matte finish. But also a black nickel-plated version plus a copper-plated version are new. The original stainless steel version is also available.

Ministry of Cigars - Stinky Ashtrays offers new colors

The Stinky Car ashtray offers a flip-out cigar holder and fits into a drink holder of a car. It’s offered in stainless steel. But now a matte black and matte brown version are available as well.

Ministry of Cigars - Stinky Ashtrays offers new colors

Stinky History

The initial introduction of Stinky Ashtrays took place in 2004. That was at the RTDA show in Las Vegas. RTDA is the predecessor of IPCPR. Which in its turn is the predecessor of the PCA. The original Stinky ashtray has three stirrups. The large 3 gallon Herf Edition shows up two years later. That humongous bowl fits 8 cigars. In the following years, more additions followed. A mini-herf edition for 6 or 8 cigars. A floor-standing Stinky, and the anti-social Stinky for one cigar. A smaller version of the anti-social is now the Stinky Personal ashtray.

In 2010 the company started offering different colors. In the previous six years, stainless steel was the only available option. Chocolate brown and jet black powdered finishes. Soon followed by a copper-plated version. Also, a new Tall Stinky shows up. In the years to follow, more color options became available. Such as a pink Stinky to raise awareness for breast cancer. New products show up every now and then. And now Stinky ashtrays offer new colors.

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