Stallone Cigars creates a new cigar. The cigar will be shown off at the TPE trade show, which takes place in Las Vegas in a few weeks. This will be the only new cigar from Stallone Cigars at the show. The Tobacco Plux Expo is the first cigar tradeshow in more than a year. January 2020 was the last trade show, which was also TPE in Las Vegas right before the pandemic.

Ministry of Cigars - Stallone Cigars creates a new cigar

The Pony

The new cigar is a short, fat cigar with a 4×58 size. A vitola made famous and popular by Oliva cigars under the Nub brand. The cigar comes from the rollers at Tabacalera Las Villas Cigars, a factory formerly known as Tabacalera La Perla. The filler is Connecticut Broadleaf and Nicaraguan. The binder is Nicaraguan as well with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

As all cigars by Stallone, it is horse-themed. That makes this new ‘The Pony’ a thoroughbred. Stallone owner Tony Barrios is a rodeo champion from Texas with Italian roots. Ever since he was a kid, he’s been obsessed with stallions or stallone in Italian. That’s why he chose that name for this line of cigars.

Cowboy series

The Pony is the first Stallone cigar that does not fall under the Cowboy series. That series consists of six different blends, all with different characters just like horses Barrios writes on the Stallone Cigars website. Ministry of Cigars will review all six Cowboy series soon.

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