Stairsteps for Pronica. No, it’s not the second Sunday of the month, the day where Ministry of Cigars showcases a cigar-related charity. But we still want to shine a spotlight on a heartwarming initiative from a Dutch cigar enthusiast, Paul Verbunt. Verbunt is celebrating his 40th birthday with a huge challenge and uses it to raise money for Pronica.

Verbunt was morbidly obese until he decided that enough was enough. About two and a half years ago he changed his lifestyle. Eating healthy and working out made him lose 80 kilograms/176 pounds. He is now so fit that he’s challenging himself to do 10.000 stair steps on June 30th, his 40th birthday. 10.000 stair steps are comparable to climbing the Burj Khalifa 3,5 times or the Eifel Tower to the second tier 15 times. And you can sponsor Paul to support him via this link. Or actually, by sponsoring Paul, you sponsor Pronica. And Pronica is sponsoring education programs in Esteli, Nicaragua.


In the summer of 2014, Van Horssen was hosting a small event in his Van Dalen Cigars shop in Rotterdam. The guest of honor was Juan Martinez from Joya de Nicaragua. At a certain moment, the conversation topic was education. Martinez told that Joya de Nicaragua supports education in Nicaragua in several different ways. He explained that the average child in Nicaragua only gets a few years of primary education and that less than $100 USD a year can provide a year of education for a child. A few months later, Van Horssen founded Pronica.

The way Pronica is funded is simple yet genius. The funding goes through Van Horssen’s import and distribution company. He raises the price of every Nicaraguan cigar by 10 dollar cents and donates that to Pronica. And that money goes straight to Fe y Alegria. Pronica doesn’t have any employees and no overhead. So when you sponsor Paul for his challenge, you help a child in one of the poorest countries in Latin America. So sponsor stairsteps for Pronica. Help Paul, help Pronica, and help a child.

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