ST Dupont collaborates with Cohiba again. Seventeen years after the first collaboration, the iconic Cuban brand will be featured on S.T. Dupont made accessories. The French luxury manufacturer and Habanos signed off on a limited edition lighters, cutters, travel cases, and humidors. All with the iconic white dots on a black surface, and Cohiba yellow.

The collection

All accessories collection adorns the Cohiba pattern in black and white and yellow colors. On lighters and smoking accessories, the black lacquer is adorned with white squares and the yellow lacquer has been carefully matched with Cohiba logos. On the cigar case, the squares are delicately embossed on black leather. The Indian head and S.T. Dupont brand are both signed on each product. S.T. Dupont Cohiba Limited Edition consists of two lighters: The new Le Grand S.T. Dupont and the traditional Line 2 lighter.

Customers choose, according to their preferences. Either a lighter combining an innovative dual ignition with the largest capacity ever seen in an S.T. Dupont lighter or the soft double flame with the Line 2 lighter. The limited-edition collection is completed by a Maxi jet cutter and humidor for 50 cigars. To carry the cigars outdoors, S.T. Dupont provides a double cigar case. Each piece is finished in shiny yellow and black lacquer with the famous Cohiba Indian head in gold on the front and the S.T. Dupont logo proudly engraved on all the collection

Behike Limited Edition Collection

Habanos and S.T. Dupont also collaborate on a Behike Collection. With the classic black and gold colors. The accessories are matching the high-end appeal of the Behike line. Accessories of the Behike line include a humidor for 50 cigars finished with the black lacquer of the famous Behike boxes. There’s an S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter in the Behike colors. Plus a cigar cutter and cufflinks. All in black lacquer with the famous Indian head in yellow gold. All the lighters of this new collaboration come in a beautiful black lacquer box with Cohiba or Behike plate inside. As both companies said: Never forget its heritage: a lifestyle of culture and confidence.

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Ministry of Cigars – S.T. Dupont collaborates with Cohiba again for two limited-edition accessory lines. One Cohiba and one Behike collection