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Birthdays and events
November 29
Rick Rodriguez (CAO Cigars)
December 4
Meera Levin (Ashton)
December 6
Ernesto Padilla (Padilla Cigars)
, Philipp Kugler (Cigar Kings)
December 7
Pete Johnson (Tatuaje)
December 12
Hamlet Paredes (Rocky Patel)
December 16
Henke Kelner (Davidoff)
December 17
Fred Vandermarliere (Cortes)
December 18
Didier v Houvenaghel (La Ley)
, Henderson Ventura (ADVentura)
December 24
Camillo Bazzell (Pachuche)
, Janine Perdomo (Perdomo Cigars)
December 25
Dean parsons (Epic Cigars)
December 26
Esteban Disla (RoMa Craft)

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