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Birthdays and events
May 25
Gerard Hayes (Nicoya)
May 28
Benjamin Holt (Dissident)
May 29
Scander Chida (Los Dueños)
May 30
Roger Duarte-Rodriguez (Don Duarte)
May 31
Dion Giolito (Illusione)
, International Enjoy A Cigar Day
June 3
Art Garcia (Antigua Esteli Cigars)
, Luis Jesus Cuevas (Cuevas Cigars)
June 6
Andre Farkas (Viaje)
June 7
Enrique Seijas (Matilde Cigars)
, Philip Zanghi (Debonaire)
, Sasja van Horssen (Ilja Cigars)
June 8
Eddie Tarazona (Tarazona Cigars)
June 10
Karen Berger (K by Karen Berger)
June 11
Brad Berko (Bahama Mamas)
June 12
Bradley Rubin (Alec Bradley)
June 17
Stephen Johnstone (Tobacco Lords)
June 19
Claudio Sgroi (Nicaraguan Tobacco Chamber)
June 22
Michael Grossklos Jr (Dalay Cigars)

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