Special edition Habanos humidor for Italy. Diadema S.p.a., the exclusive distributor for Habanos in Italy, is releasing something special. They made 22 humidors with aged Habanos cigars that will be sold via Italian La Casa del Habano franchises.

The reason that there are only 22 humidors has everything to do with the brand that Diadema is using for this release. That brand is La Escepción. La Escepción is a brand with a history going back to the 1850s. But in 1989 the brand ceased to exist. That was until Diadema S.p.a. was able to bring the brand back for an Italian regional edition in 2011, exactly 22 years later. 

Don Jose

In 2011, Diadema S.p.a. and Habanos came with the Selectos Finos, a Panatela. 2000 boxes of 25 cigars were available. Four years later, a second La Escepción came out for Italy. This time a classic #4 with the name Don Jose. That was a tribute to the founder of the brand, Don José Gener y Batet. And now that cigar, after 6 years of aging, is the one that comes with the humidor.

Each humidor contains 200 cigars. That means that each humidor contains 8 original boxes of the 2015 Regional Edition release, with 6 years go aging. The humidors, made by DeArt, contain 8 drawers. The 2015 release contained 4000 boxes, each with an individual number. Each drawer in the humidor contains 25 cigars with a number on the drawer. That number is correspondent with the number on the box the cigars come from.

Ministry of Cigars - Special edition Habanos humidor for Italy

La Escepcion has not been used for any other release besides the two Italian regional editions since the discontinuation of the brand in 1989.

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