Soil to Soul Episode Two. For the last few months, Ministry of Cigars and friends have been hosting a Facebook Live called Soil to Soul. Now, this is purely for fun and we do the Facebook live shows quite irregularly. Keep an eye out on the Ministry of Cigars Facebook page (see the link in our signature) to catch us live next time. 

After the show, we upload the video to the Ministry of Cigars YouTube Channel as well. Again, the link to the YouTube Channel can be found under the video. But we have decided to show them on the main website as well.

Episode two

During Soil to Soul Episode Two, the hosts Philip, Ferdinand, and Iz were smoking a La Sagrada Familia cigar. Those cigars are made in Nicaragua, at the Joya de Nicaragua factory. The brand is owned by the Dutch entrepreneur Tom Mulder. Tom and Ferdinand have known each other for a decade. So when Mulder was in town, he shared some cigars. And Ferdinand decided to share the love with his co-hosts.

La Sagrada Familia is a classic example of a private label or white label cigar. We discussed private labels, explaining what it is and how many people don’t know about it. So if this piques your interest, watch the video. And read this article as well.

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