Soil to Soul Episode Ten. For the last few months, Ministry of Cigars and friends have been hosting a Facebook Live called Soil to Soul. Now, this is purely for fun and we do the Facebook live shows quite irregularly. But we decided to change things around. Instead of doing a Facebook Live, we moved to post production. That way the video’s are shorter, better and we can schedule them for a regular flow of videos.

After the show, we upload the video to the Ministry of Cigars YouTube Channel as well. Again, the link to the YouTube Channel can be found under the video. But we have decided to show them on the main website as well.

Episode Ten

For this episode we found an amazing spot near the Botanic Gardens in Singapore. And since it’s our first post-production video, we brought out the good stuff. Vintage cigars and vintage alcohol. Philip won a bottle of the Bisquit Cohiba Cognac during the Habanos Festival in 1999, when it was introduced. Nowadays the Cohiba Cognac is made by Martel, but we opened the original by Bisquit. And to go with a vintage drink, we selected a 1998 Partagas Lusitania to smoke. 

The Soil to Soul videos are aired on the Ministry of Cigars Facebook page every other Friday at 3PM SGT, or UTC +8. But the videos are available to see after that as well.

The schedule for the rest of the year is: April 10 and 24. May 8 and 22. June 5 and 19. July 10 and 24. August 7 and 21. September 4 and 18. October 9 and 23. November 6 and 20, and December 11 and 25.

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