Soil to Soul Episode Six. For the last few months, Ministry of Cigars and friends have been hosting a Facebook Live called Soil to Soul. Now, this is purely for fun and we do the Facebook live shows quite irregularly. Keep an eye out on the Ministry of Cigars Facebook page (see the link in our signature) to catch us live next time. 

After the show, we upload the video to the Ministry of Cigars YouTube Channel as well. Again, the link to the YouTube Channel can be found under the video. But we have decided to show them on the main website as well.

Episode Six

This episode was shot in September 2019 when Ferdinand was on a trip to Europe. To the largest tobacco trade show in the world, Intertabac. And he also visited the Dutch Big Smoke, the kick-off of Arturo Fuente International. And he visited Royal Agio for his two-part story on the history of the Dutch brand. Those articles can be found here (part 1) and here (part two). But Philip didn’t have to host the show alone. As always he had help from Iz Rush behind the camera. And his co-hosts are two Singaporean cigar aficionados, Elaine & Kay.

Kay is a Cuban cigar collector and trader. His collection of aged and vintage Habanos is insane. But he’s not shy to share. He shared vintage Bolivar, Montecristo, and Partagas with Ministry of Cigars for reviews. And for this Soul to Soul Episode, he sponsored some cigars. Elaine is a good friend of Philip and invited the Soil to Soul team at the clubhouse of the estate where she lives. And joined Philip, Iz, and Kay for a cigar on camera.

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