Soil to Soul Episode Eleven. For the last few months, Ministry of Cigars and friends have been hosting a Facebook Live called Soil to Soul. Now, this is purely for fun and we do the Facebook live shows quite irregularly. But we decided to change things around. Instead of doing a Facebook Live, we moved to post-production. That way the videos are shorter, better and we can schedule them for a regular flow of videos.

New episodes will premiere every other Friday on the Ministry of Cigars’ Facebook page. We upload the video to the Ministry of Cigars YouTube Channel as well. Again, the link to the YouTube Channel can be found under the video. But we have decided to show them on the main website as well.


For this episode, we went all the way up to the Northern part of Singapore. To a beautiful, tranquil location where we enjoyed a great cigar and beautiful sceneries. We are always looking for new locations to shoot our videos and we have a few nice spots lined up. This time we lit a Jericho Hill by Crowned Heads. These cigars are inspired by Johnny Cash’s cocaine blues and his ‘at Folsom Prison’ album.

We discussed Crowned Heads and how they got started. But we also spoke about Elvis, Johnny Cash, music and more. Host Philip showed his favorite way to enjoy a great stogie. This time we didn’t pair the cigar with alcohol, but with sprite. If it’s a good pairing, well, you will have to watch the video to find out if we enjoyed it.

The schedule for the rest of the year is: April 10 and 24. May 8 and 22. June 5 and 19. July 10 and 24. August 7 and 21. September 4 and 18. October 9 and 23. November 6 and 20, and December 11 and 25.

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