Society of the Leaf in Kuala Lumpur. The newly formed South East Asian cigar group Society of the Leaf is coming to Malaysia. The founders of the group are all Singapore based cigar aficionados. But mid-November the founders will be in Kuala Lumpur for three events. They picked Kuala Lumpur for their first international appearance since the Facebook group has quite a few Malaysian members.

Society of the leaf

The group Society of the Leaf is the combined power of two Singaporean based Facebook groups. Those two groups were started for like-minded cigar aficionados. The admins of the groups decided to join forces and create an even bigger community. The regular gatherings grew from 10 to 12 people showing up, to over 40 brothers and sisters of the leaf at the last gathering.

The founders don’t want to keep the group Singapore based only. Cigars are gaining popularity all over South East Asia. And since Asians travel a lot in the region, their goal is to create one big community with cigar smoking friends all over the ASEAN countries. The first step is to include members from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ministry of Cigars - Society of the Leaf in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Events

Medio November, the founders of the group will be in Kuala Lumpur. That’s a city with a vibrant cigar scene and a lot of cigar lounges. Ministry of Cigars was just there to cover the opening of the brand new Cohiba Atmosphere, and earlier this year we covered a few more lounges

The events will take place at The Cabinet on Friday the 15th of November starting at 7 PM. Saturday afternoon from 2 PM, they will be at Cigar Malaysia at the Ansa Hotel in Bukit Bintang. And from 7 PM that evening, Cigar Bar KL will host the Singaporean cigar aficionados for a handshake with the local Malaysian lovers of the leaf.

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