Smoking Jacket Short Robusto. A cigar line hailing from the Dominican Republic. From Hendrik Kelner, the son of cigar industry legend Henke Kelner. The man who Davidoff turned to when they left Cuba. The man who created the first cigars for AVO. A true master. His son Hendrik is the owner of the Kelner Boutique Factory. Kelner has an affinity for smoking jackets. Something he calls a long lost tradition of elegance and good taste. He honors the smoking jacket by releasing cigars under that name. With artwork that matches the name.

According to Hendrik Kelner, the mastermind behind the Smoking Jacket, this was a hard one. It took time to develop. Experimental blending was necessary to create the Smoking Jacket Short Robust. When the blend was complete, it turned out to be 60 % Dominican, 20 % Nicaraguan, and 20% Kelner Family Reserve tobacco. The 9-year-old Dominican wrapper is wrapped around a double binder. Binder coming from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The Nicaraguan leaf comes from Condega. The Dominican binder is Cotuí. The filler comes from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. This Short Robusto measures 4½x56 and is quite thick for a short robusto.

Name: Smoking Jacket Short Robusto
Country: Dominican Republic
Factory: Kelner Boutique Factory
Size: 4½x56
Vitola: Short Robusto
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Price: € 10.95 (Germany)
Cutter: Xikar X2
Lighter: single flame
Smoke conditions: indoors with ventilator
Smoke time: two hours
Sponsored by Hendrik Kelner

The review

The Dominican wrapper is beautiful. Colorado colored, smooth, oily. The red ring is pretty, with the lapels of a smoking jacket. On the back, smoking jacket is written. But no clue where it’s from, or who makes it. So there is some mystique to it. The cigar itself feels quite heavy for a short cigar. The construction feels good. The head of the cigar is perfectly capped. The medium-strong barnyard aroma is quite pleasant.

The cold draw is fine and releases a nice, spicy flavor. Once lit, there is a smooth coffee bitterness with some acidity to balance. Earthiness, and a hint of cocoa. There is leather as well. The mouthfeel is creamy, this is a very textured smoke. Then wood shows up. This cigar is changing flavors quickly, but all nuanced so it’s not going from one shock into another. It keeps the experience very interesting. The wood slowly gets stronger, with a mild musty, vintage flavor added. After a third, there is also a nice nutty flavor. Hazelnuts and cashew. With a mild sweetness. Later on, a floral yet mild soapy flavor shows up too. And a little bit of pepper on the lips. The final third starts with that vintage flavor again. It’s hard to describe. The mouthfeel is still textured, creamy. With wood, earthiness, leather, spices, and a little pepper. Every few puffs, there is a little bit of chocolate as well.

The draw is great. No complaints about the burn either. The smoke could be a little thicker, fuller. And there could be a little more of it. The burn is quite straight, with no issues at all. This cigar is medium-bodied, medium flavored. Very interesting due to the nuances. The smoke time is two hours.

Strength: Medium
Flavor: Medium

Ministry of Cigars - Smoking Jacket Short Robusto

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