Rocky Patel opens an online art gallery. It is the first international art gallery solely dedicated to the artistry of premium handmade cigars. Cigars and art aren’t new to each other, but a dedicated online art gallery for cigars is.

International artists

The website says that the people behind the art gallery are a collection of artists, photographers, and designers. All of them had or have the privilege of working with Rocky Patel. After spending years in pursuit of the perfect cigar, they amassed an unbelievable cache of the perfect cigar photography. They pent years capturing and cataloging every step of the cigar making process – from seed to stem to smoke. And now, after years of showcasing the artistry of our world-class tobacco, they are ready to share this collection with the world.

There are several collections on the website. A collection about the farms and a collection about the factory. But also a close-up collection on the rolling tables and much more.

Available prints

All the photos can be ordered as prints. Prints with a frame, prints on canvas. But also prints on acrylic, where the high-gloss sheen of acrylic accentuates the vibrant tints and subtle hues of any photo. Or if you want to go more old school in your lounge or man-cave, go for a metal print. Nothing makes a statement like the bold and cold surface of a metallic print. Printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16” thick aluminum, the glossy metallic finish is the perfect complement for an image with rich colors and strong contrast.

And there is good news for Rocky Patel fans worldwide. The Rocky Patel Art Gallery is accepting international orders. So this is not available just for the American market. 

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