Prosperity Toss at Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur. There is a tradition on Chinese New Year. During the reunion dinner, where families come together to celebrate the new year, food will be tossed. This tradition is called Lo Hei and comes from the Cantonese language. It literally means ‘tossing up good fortune’. The tradition started not in China, but in Singapore. And it spread all over the world, where Chinese families now practice this prosperity toss.

The ritual involves a group of people gathered around a massive plate, tossing its contents violently while saying out auspicious phrases before eating it. It is popularly believed that the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead. And it wouldn’t be a Chinese tradition if all the ingredients wouldn’t have a significant meaning. More information on this tradition can be found on the website of the ladyironchef.

Lo Hei at the Cohiba Atmosphere

Just like any country in South East Asia, Malaysia has a strong Chinese community. So Chinese traditions are honored. Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur is hosting a Lo Hei prosperity toss to celebrate the year of the rat. They will do so on Friday the 7th of February. The event starts at 8 pm. Tickets are available for 198 Ringgit and include free flow coffee, food, and the prosperity salad, called Yee Sang of Yu Sheng. And after the toss, there is a Montecristo Double Edmundo and two glasses of Old Pulteney Huddart. The cigar and drinks are included in the entree fee. 

The event is limited to 25 people only. Tickets can be purchased per phone. For the phone numbers, please see the picture below. Huat Ah.

Ministry of Cigars - Prosperity Toss at Cohiba Atmosphere
Ministry of Cigars - Prosperity Toss at Cohiba Atmosphere

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