Truth be told, we can’t remember the last time we had to throw a cigar out the window because of a bad draw. That’s because of the high level of quality control of the manufacturers that make my favorite cigars in countries like Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. There’s always a possibility that you find a ‘Monday morning’ cigar, yet the chances are very slim.

At the Intertabac trade show, last September, during the Cigar Journal Award show, the PerfecDraw won the best accessory category, and everyone in the room got one PerfecDraw as a gift. Ministry of Cigars reviewed it.

Does the PerfecDraw do what it promises to do? There’s only one simple answer to that. Yes. It works like promised, it delivers. The second question is does it serve a purpose? And that question can only be answered with a yes too. But the question if we will be using it regularly can only be answered with no. But that’s because we don’t run into bad drawing cigars, maybe once or twice a year. Now if you smoke a lot of cigars from sources with a low level of quality control, due to a lack of drawmaster machines or a lack of pride in their work, or have issues with humidification causing a bad draw, then this is a very useful tool. And in that case, we suggest buying a PerfecDraw to save your cigars.