Price quality Top 25 for 2020. In 2020, Ministry of Cigars did reviews on 111 cigars. Cigars from six different countries. Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Nicaragua. The majority of the cigars came from Nicaragua, 54 to be precise. The Dominican Republic is number two on the list with 31 cigars. Thirteen Cuban cigars were reviewed with the H. Upmann Noella as the best scoring Cuban cigar in the price-quality list. Honduras has 11 reviewed cigars. There is one cigar from Costa Rica and one cigar from Indonesia in the 2020 line-up from Ministry of Cigars.

Yesterday Ministry of Cigar published the best 25 cigars of 2020. Each cigar scores on appearance, aroma, flavor, draw, smoke, and burn. That creates a score with two digits. To create this price-quality list, we divide that score by the price. That creates an x amount of points per euro. So a budget cigar with a lower score can score great in this top 25 list due to the low price.

For the price, we try to select prices from The Netherlands or Germany. Both countries have a similar price point. When the cigars are not available in these countries, the American MSRP is the price we follow. The numbers 3 and 4 scored the exact same scores, both in price quality and in quality. Since they have the same price, that could not be used as a decisive factor so they both end up at the number 3 spot. In the last few days, we revealed the number 25 to 21, 20 to 16, 15 to 11, and 10 to 6. Now it’s time for the top 5.


5 – Condega Serie F Mini Robusto (score 90. Price value score 23.63) 

3 – San Pedro de Macoris Sun Grown Corona (score 88. Price value score 23.70) 

3 – San Pedro de Macoris Nicaragua Corona (score 88. Price value score 23.70) 

2 – Umnum Honduras Robusto (score 87. Price value score 37.67) 

1 – Umnum Nicaragua Bond (score 87. Price value score 43.25) 

This is the Price quality Top 25 for 2020. Truth be said, there are cigars in this list that we will never smoke again. But other cigars in this list also made our regular top 25 and are worth smoking again.

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