Portugal gets the first Habanos Terrace. Habanos has several concepts. The most famous one is the La Casa del Habano concept. Luxury tobacconists that sell exclusively and only Cuban cigars. Then there is the Habanos Specialist concept. A concept where independent tobacconists can earn the Habanos Specialist status by fulfilling a course by Habanos. But there are concepts for lounges as well.

Lounge concepts

Habanos Lounge is the first concept. Lounges where cigar enthusiasts will have the opportunity of enjoying a Habano. And choosing the right pairing among a selection of quality drinks. All this with top-notch service. A Habanos Lounge location has to be indoors. The Cohiba Atmosphere concept is the next step. To become a Cohiba Atmosphere, a lounge has to be top-notch, sell exclusively Cuban cigars, offer the best possible service. Foodservice and a full bar with the best liquor are also a requirement. And then there is the least know concept: Habanos Terrace. Which is essentially a Habanos Lounge, but outdoors. And one is just opened in Portugal.

Hotel Vila Vita Parc in Algarve is now a certified Habanos Terrace. The exclusive Habanos distributor in Portugal, Empor S.A., opened the first Habanos Terrace in the south European country last month. The Vila Vita Parc has a spacious terrace with a spectacular view of the wonderful garden. It’s part of the Oasis Bar & Terrace. The Habanos Terrace has a large assortment of Cuban cigars and offers a wide range of premium drinks.

the Habanos Terrace concept

The Habanos Terrace concept is oriented towards a selection of restaurants and hotels of high quality and prestige. If the restaurants or hotels have a welcoming terrace they can become part of the concept. Entering the Habanos Terrace network means being part of a family of more than 350 specialized establishments worldwide. Habanos, S.A. recognizes all Habanos Terrace on its website www.habanos.com, placing the location and logo of these certified establishments.

Habanos Terrace certification is awarded annually. The establishment is subject to a continuous assessment and may be subject to loss of Habanos Terrace status. The assessment is carried out by EMPOR S.A. The distributor has the responsibility of supervising the different establishments and verifying that they are in compliance with the quality and differentiation standards stated by the program requirements.

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