Por Larrañaga gets a fourth vitola. The Por Larrañaga Galanes. It is a short robusto with the factory name Paraisos. This 4¾x50 vitola is quite new to the Habanos portfolio. Only one other cigar carries the same size. It is the Punch Short the Punch, which saw daylight in 2019 and is a regular production cigar.

It is the fourth regular production of Por Larrañaga and by the thickest of the bunch. The other three sizes are the 5⅛x42 Petit Coronas, 6¼x33 Montecarlos 2, and the Habanos Specialist exclusive Picadores with a 5×48 size. The Galanes and Picadores are quite similar in size but the Picadores don’t carry the famous golden band. That cigar has a band inspired by a 1970s design.

Ministry of Cigars - Por Larrañaga gets a fourth vitola

Worldwide release

Several exclusive Habanos distributors worldwide have received their allotment of the cigars. The Swiss Habanos distributor Intertabak is releasing the cigars next week. La Casa del Habano franchises in the Central European country will get exclusivity for seven days. Pacific Cigar Company, the exclusive Habanos distributor for most of Asia and Oceania already has the cigars on the market in Hong Kong. 

And the largest exclusive Habanos distributor, Phoenicia TAA says they are already distributing the cigar in their territory. A large territory that covers three continents. Greece and Cyprus in Europe, the Middle East in Asia, and all but one country in Africa.

This is the first new regular production of Por Larrañaga since the introduction of the Picadores, seven years ago. But in the meantime, several Edicion Regional from Por Larrañaga were released. Such as the Opera for France in 2015, Gran Robusto for The Netherlands in 2017, and the Coronas for 5th Avenue, the exclusive Habanos distributor for Germany, Poland, and Austria.

Ministry of Cigars - Por Larrañaga gets a fourth vitola

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