Plasencia opens health center in Teotecacinte. That is a town in the famous Jalapa valley, very close to the border with Honduras. The Plasencia family runs an operation in Teotecacinte and is giving back to the community. Just as they do in Esteli, where the Plasencia family sponsors several projects including a daycare center. Giving back and social responsibility are strong backbones of the cigar industry.

Health care center

In Jalapa, the Plasencia family built a brand new health care center. The family sponsors the health center fully. It will take care of all the health needs of the company workers in the region, as well as their families and children. Those children all get an education at a school that’s also sponsored by the Plasencia family.

The director of the Health Center is a surgeon providing a service of difficult access to this community until today. All medicines needed and prescribed by the doctors at the clinic will be also provided by the family. 

Charity specials

Every second Sunday, Ministry of Cigars shines a light on a cigar charity. Since the Plasencia family does a lot of charity, especially in the shape of education and child care, we are working on a special about Plasencia’s involvement in charity. But until then, read some of our other specials on charity.

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