PDR relaunches El Trovador with new packaging and new rings for the international markets. The cigar was originally released in 2016, but at the Intertabac Trade Show, the brand was relaunched. With new packaging, new rings yet with the same blend. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Rosado. The cigar has a double binder, both Nicaraguan. And the filler consists of Nicaraguan Viso and Ligero.

PDR owner Abe Flores also mentioned that PDR Cigars will expand distribution to three more countries in the months to come. Those countries are the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Mozambique. What lines and sizes will be exported to the new markets has yet to be decided with the new distributors.

Revamped Half Corona Tins

But that’s not all. PDR also redesigned their tin for their popular A. Flores 1975 Half Corona cigars. The vitola is now available in all of the four A. Flores 1975 lines. Those are the Desflorado, Sungrown, Maduro, and Corojo 2006.

When Habanos released the H. Upmann Half Corona tins, Abe Flores loved the idea. But looking at the design of the tin, he realized there was a problem. If one cigar was taken out, the others would be able to roll in the tin. So he came up with a curved bottom, preventing the cigars to roll. Habanos then saw the A. Flores 1972 Gran Reserva Half Corona tins, and redesigned their tins as well according to a story Abe Flores told Ministry of Cigars years ago.

The Jose Rey line is changing from bundles to boxes. Jose Rey is a line of sweet-tipped cigars in three different blends. The cigars are a nod to the early days of PDR when they made those cigars for a retailer in New Orleans. The cigars come in a Connecticut, Sumatra, and Maduro blend. Each blend is available in three sizes. Those are a 6×44 Corona, a 5×50 Robusto, and a 7×50 Churchill

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