Pandemonium in The Netherlands. And no, we are not talking about current affairs with covid, floods in the south of the country, and the brutal murder of a crime reporter by the Mocro Mafia but we are talking about the Asylum 13 Pandemonium. Two of the three sizes of this full-bodied Asylum 13 blend are now available in the Paises Bajos.

Asylum Pandemonium

The Asylum Pandemonium saw the light in 2019. It is the strongest and boldest Asylum to date. The blenders of Asylum, together with brand owners Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka took Honduran filler and binder. Then they picked an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and combined that to create this powerful cigar. Since it’s Asylum, it comes with big ring gauges.

Since the cigars are made in Nicaragua, the 8½x60 and 8½x70 versions of the Asylum 13 Pandemonium are eligible to be sold at the Cigaragua shop in Amsterdam. The owner of Cigaragua is also the official distributor for Asylum 13 in The Netherlands. 

Ministry of Cigars - Pandemonium in The Netherlands
the 60 and 70 ring gauge versions of the Asylum 13 Pandemonium are available in The Netherlands

Other retail stores

It doesn’t mean that the cigars are strictly available at Cigaragua. Other retailers in The Netherlands can order the cigars from Longfiller Company, the distributor, as well. Lovers of big and strong cigars won’t have to travel to Amsterdam to buy these cigars. The fixed prices are €16 for the 60 ring gauge and €17.50 for the 70 ring gauge version. But you get a whole lot of tobacco for that money.

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