Padilla hires Todd Vance as the new Director of Sales. The day after we named Padilla as one of the boutique brands that didn’t make it, Vance reached out to Ministry of Cigars about his new position.

Vance isn’t new in the cigar industry. Previously he was the National Director of Sales for A.J. Fernandez. He then became the Director of Sales for Cornelius and Anthony. When that company decided to release all the full-time employees, Vance was picked up by La Familia Robaina. And now, less than a year later, Vance will be heading the sales for Padilla Cigars

Ministry of Cigars - Padilla hires Todd Vance as the new Director of Sales
Todd Vance

Padilla Cigars

Ernesto Padilla is born in Cuba, but the recent lineage wasn’t working in the cigar industry. The last Padilla in the tobacco industry were his great grandparents, who owned a plantation. His father is a famous Cuban writer and poet and his mother is an artist and poet. At age 7, Padilla and his mother Belkis Cuza Male were allowed to leave the country and went to the United States. His father joined them in Miami a year later. With such creative parents, it wasn’t a surprise that Padilla studied at art institutes and became a graphic designer. And as a designer, he was introduced in the world of tobacco through Perdomo Cigars.

In 2003, Padilla and his brother Carlos started Padilla Cigar Company. And during the 17 years of existence, the brothers worked with big names. In his first years, he made a lot of cigars with José ‘Don Pepin’ Garcia. He opened a small factory in the Little Havana district of Miami but also had cigars made in Honduras and Nicaragua. Later on, Oliva Cigars produced a lot of lines for Padilla. Nowadays, Padilla works mostly with Raices Cubanas in Honduras and El Titan de Bronze in Miami.

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