Pachuche Cigars coming to Norway. The Dominican made, Swiss-owned cigar brand found a distribution partner in Hakon Aanonsen, owner of Viking Cigars. But with his company, sigar.com Aanonsen is also a distributor for several other brands on the Norwegian market. Including Pachuche.

Pachuche blends

Pachuche has four blends. The Liga Azul, Liga Roja, Liga Oro, and Liga Platinum. The cigars are all made by William Ventura, who’s also responsible for a lot of other private labels with a great reputation. The Liga Azul has a Connecticut Shade wrapper from Ecuador. The filler and binder are Dominican. There is a 6×56 Tronco, a 4⅞x50 Robusto, and a 3 ¾ x52 Belicoso available in this blend. 

The Liga Roja is stronger than the Liga Azul. It’s also made with Dominican tobaccos as filler and binder. The wrapper comes from Mexico, from San Andres to be precise. There are three sizes available. Those are the 6×56 Tronco, the 5½x50 Robusto, and a 4×60 nub called the Budusca Corta.

The Liga Oro follows the same recipe, Dominican tobaccos inside and a Mexican wrapper on the outside. The sizes are a 5×50 Robusto, a 6×52 Toro, and a 6×56 Tronco. For the Liga Platinum, Pachuche went for Dominican fillers and binders with a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. That cigar only comes in a 6×52 Toro

Ministry of Cigars - Pachuche Cigars coming to Norway

Pachuche history

The Pachuche brand is a family story. Camillo Bazzell went to study languages in the Dominican Republic. He met a woman, got married and decided to stay in the Dominican Republic. His father, Christian, was an avid cigar smoker and asked him to find a producer for a private label. After trying a few, they were introduced to William Ventura and he helped them creating the right blends. Another family member, Tito Bazzell, came up with the name. The origin of the Pachuche name is simple, it means a self-made cigarette or cigar. But over the years, cigar rollers were using the Pachuche ter as well. That name was so fitting, that the Bazzell’s decided to use it.

Patrick Kung, a half Mexican artist and the best friend of Camillo Bazzell, designed the logo. He used his Mexican heritage to draw a skull in the day of the dead style. And since Cigar Rings uses machinery from the Bazzell’s family business Bazzell AG, it was an easy pick to decide who was going to print the artwork.

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