Oliva Masterblend 1 Churchill. Now, this is not a regular review. This is a collaboration between Pura Vida and Ministry of Cigars. Pura Vida is a YouTube cigar review channel by Jay Walia. Walia is a Malaysian TV personality and musician. But he’s also an avid cigar smoker and runs Cigar Bar KL.

Last year, Pura Vida and Ministry of Cigars collaborated on a review of the Oliva Masterblend 2 Robusto, So during our trip to Malaysia last October, for the opening of the Cohiba Atmosphere Kuala Lumpur, we decided to do another collaboration with Jay Walia. 

Oliva Masterblend cigars

For this collaboration, we decided to continue with the Oliva Masterblend series. Since the Masterblend 2 was so much to our liking, we decided to go for some of the unicorns in the Ministry of Cigars humidor. And that was the Oliva Masterblend 1 Churchill. Only 15.000 boxes of these cigars were released. And the release year? That was 2003.

Now sit back and enjoy the video review of the Oliva Masterblend 1 Churchill by Pura Vida and Ministry of Cigars.

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