Oliva adds more functionality to the QR codes. A year ago, Oliva Cigars launched the cigar industry’s first interactive cigars, developed by the Belgian tech data company Twintag. 

A pioneering Quick Response – or QR – code was included with every new box from the Serie V Melanio line and the new technology has quickly garnered an enthusiastic following from cigar lovers keen to know more about their beloved smokes. Having already become familiar with the concept of QR-Codes being used on the packaging of a variety of household goods, the timing was perfect to introduce cigar smokers to the industry’s first use of QR.

Customers who bought a box of Serie V Melanio cigars were able to access a host of information on their cigars. From who made them, when, and how they were rolled using which tobaccos. All simply by scanning the code on their smartphones or tablets.


The immersive content includes biographies and pictures of the very Rollers (Rolero) and Buncher (Bonchero) who made their cigars. It also offers the ability to rate their sticks in a variety of comparative terms, and even see a live ‘heatmap’ showing where else in the world the Melanio cigars are being enjoyed. There is a host of information on the fields, factories, processes, and people that make Oliva’s outstanding Nicaraguan cigars.

This remarkable new way of interacting with your chosen cigar brand means customers are more engaged. First, you could only see who made the cigar. Now you can see where other people are smoking the Melanio. “And don’t worry, of course, Oliva thinks about privacy, they cannot find you!

Finally, you can help Oliva Cigars a lot by showing your experience with their cigars. “Oliva’s goal is to make cigars that are 100 % good, but unfortunately it is a natural product and there is always something that can happen with handmade cigars. Having a direct evaluation from you is the best we can have but also when the taste is not yours, it is still interesting for us! We hope you enjoy these new features,” concludes CEO Oliva Cigar Company Cory Bappert.

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