Fratello event in Norway

Omar de Frias is visiting Norway for an event with the Cigarissimo smokers club. On Friday the 22nd he will be at the private Cigarissimo lounge from 7 pm. There will be cigars, food, alcohol-free beverages. The price for admission is 300 NOK. Contact Nordic Cigars on...

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Art & Cigar event in Norway

Now, if you are into cigars, art and live in Norway, then Nordic Cigar has the event for you. Kunst & Sigar, which translates to Art & Cigars. Our Norwegian is not what it used to be, and it didn't use to be anything anyway, but what we get from the invitation...

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Cigar Smoking World Championship dates

In a few years time, the Cigar Smoking World Championship has received a reputation and a status in the industry like hardly any other event. Twenty qualifying events before the grand finale, all over Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and even during the Procigar...

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Principle events in Norway

Principle Cigars is building the brand in Europe, with new distribution deals in several countries. The next step for Darren Cioffi is doing events, and there will be three in the beautiful country of Norway. Distributor Augusto Cigars will host cigar events with...

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Hamlet events in Norway

Kolja Kukuk, Rocky Patel's managing director of Europe is headed to Norway for three events later this month. Rocky Patel's distributor Augusto Cigars is hosting an event on Wednesday 14th of November at Augusto Cigars in Oslo and on Thursday the 15th of November in...

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Jas Sum Kral release party in Norway.

If you’re in Norway on November 2nd, there is a party you don’t want to miss. Nordic Cigars will release Jas Sum Kral at the Randaberg Cigar Club. There will be cigars, everybody will get the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Toro. That cigar scored a 95 on Cigarguideblog. On...

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Fratello kick off party in Norway

Nordic Cigars is releasing Fratello with an official release party this thursday, October 25th. The place where this will happen is at Postveien 111 Sandnes - Loungen. Fratello owner Omar de Frias won’t be there in person, yet there will be a live video connection...

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JSK and Fratello release party in Norway

Nordic Cigars is releasing Jas Sum Kral and Fratello in Norway at an event in Bergen this friday. From 7 pm at Jacob Aall in Bergen, admission is 300 NKR. The cigars that will be smoked that night are the Jas Sum Kral Red Knight Lancero and the Fratello Classic...

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Les Fines Lames soon available in Norway

Maybe you’ve seen them on social media, the beautiful cigar knives from France, Les Fines Lames. And if you’re from Norway, you can now buy them locally since Nordic Cigars is now the exclusive and official dealer for Les Fines Lames in Norway. Les Fines Lames makes...

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Norway gets protocol

Juan Cancel and Bill Ives, both police officers, partnered up to create Cubariqueno back in 2015. And with that company they created the Protocol cigars, made at Erik Espinosa’s factory La Zona downtown Esteli, Nicaragua. In a year time they were voted #1 cigar in the...

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Birthdays and events
March 24
Emma Viktorsson (Freya Cigars)
, EVENT: La Casa del Habano, Chester
, Juergen W Roder (Perdomo Cigars)
March 26
EVENT: Nicaraguan night, Turmeaus, Liverpool
, Joshua Meerapfel (Fuente Meerapfel)
March 27
CSWC Qualifier, Bangkok, Thailand
, EVENT: Fratello event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
March 28
EVENT: Maya Selva Cigar Tasting at Club & Volutes - Paris
March 30
CSWC Qualifier, Hanoi, Vietnam
, EVENT: Davidoff & Antique Pappy van Winkel pairing, Turmeaus, Liverpool
April 6
CSWC Qualifier, Paris, France
April 12
EVENT: Oliva event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
April 13
CSWC Qualifier, Beirut, Libanon
April 14
EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford
April 17
EVENT: Jean Nicot Chapter evening - Paris
April 19
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 20
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 21
CSWC Qualifier, St Petersburg, Russia
, EVENT: La Gran Fumada, St Petersburg, Russia
April 24
Riste Riatevski (Jas Sum Kral)
April 25
Nick Melillo (Foundation)
April 26
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 27
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
, Jeremy Casdagli (Bespoke)
April 28
CSWC Qualifier, Austria
April 30
CSWC Qualifier, Makarska, Croatia
May 5
Robert Ibarra (Don Ibarra)
May 14
Daniel Guerrero (El Viejo Continente)
, EVENT: Turrent event, Turmeaus, Liverpool
May 16
EVENT: Ted Bogers Cigar Night, Alblasserdam
May 22
EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford
May 25
CSWC Qualifier, Copenhagen, Denmark
, EVENT: Big Smoke Copenhagen, Denmark
, Gerard Hayes (Nicoya)
May 27
CSWC Qualifier, Oslo, Norway
June 1
CSWC Qualifier, Sweden
June 3
Art Garcia (Antigua Esteli Cigars)
June 4
EVENT: El Artista event, Cigarworld, Dusseldorf
June 7
Philip Zanghi (Debonaire)
, Sasja van Horssen (Ilja Cigars)
June 8
CSWC Qualifier, Romania
, EVENT: Noche del Habano, Brussels
June 12
Bradley Rubin (Alec Bradley)
, CSWC Qualifier, Finland
, CSWC Qualifier, Luxembourg
June 13
EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 14
CSWC Qualifier, Italy
, CSWC Qualifier, Talinn, Estonia
, EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 15
EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 16
CSWC Qualifier, Talinn, Estonia
, EVENT: Amicigar weekend, Italy
June 19
EVENT: La Casa del Habano, Chester
, EVENT: Turmeaus Knutsford